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Non-Surgical Dental Extractions in Randall Foto DDS

We may recommend a tooth extraction if you have a damaged or infected tooth. Randall Foto DDS offers non-surgical dental extractions in Mandeville, LA. Our dental team will assess the health of your tooth and determine the effective treatment. if you need a tooth extraction, we will place you under local anesthesia. Dental extractions are important dental procedures to help prevent further oral health damage. When you have a severely damaged tooth, extracting it is often the best choice. We will determine the best treatment for your teeth. Contact us today if you are experiencing a dental emergency.

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Treating Damaged Teeth With Extractions

A non-surgical tooth extraction removes an infected, damaged, or decayed tooth above the jawline. We offer tooth extractions as an alternative to repairing a decayed or damaged tooth. When your overall health and lifestyle are compromised by a damaged tooth, a non-surgical extraction is an excellent solution. We don’t use an incision to remove the tooth but place sutures for faster healing. The most common times we choose a tooth extraction are due to loosened teeth from gum disease, damaged teeth from an injury, malformed teeth, or when pulling baby teeth. A non-surgical tooth extraction is only performed on a visible tooth. Our doctor will remove the tooth by detaching it with special dental tools from the socket. Recovery is often simple and fast.

Offering Comfortable and Effective Extractions

Our dental team helps you feel calm and comfortable during your non-surgical dental extraction procedure. We help boost your oral healthcare with extractions. Our dental team will determine the most effective dental treatment for your needs. You are in the best hands in our dental chair. We’ll help you understand the procedure and increase your comfort levels. Contact our dental office today to discuss non-surgical tooth extractions. If you ever experience a dental emergency, reach out to our office immediately.

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